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Elite and Proprietary Performance Values

HT-300 2# : Yields 25/50 up to 2.5" when tested in accordance with ASTM E-84!

HT-300 has the lowest k-factor of any iso insulation @ 0.165 BTU-in/hr-ft. sq.-°F AGED 180 days

HT-450 permits operating temperatures to 400°F continuous and is covered by composition of matter/end-use patents!

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  • HiTHERM goes Nationwide
  • HT-300 burns the competition when tested per ASTM E-84
  • HT-450 raises the bar for Polyiso max temperature range
  • New International Marketing Manager for Argentina

HiTHERM Polyiso and your current Project

If you are looking for an insulation for your project, HiTHERM has something for you. HiTHERM offers closed cell polyisocyanurate insulation products that can continuously operate between -297°F and +400°F, which is a wider temperature range than any other high performing polyiso insulation manufacturer.

insulation_application_on_piping_in_vegas.jpg Chilled Water, Refrigeration, Cryogenics

HT-300®, with the low water absorption of 0.05psf, industry leading k-factor of 0.165 BTU-in/hr-ft2-°F and the fact that polyiso is not a food source for mold, makes polyiso insulation a natural choice for chilled/hot water, refrigeration, cryogenics and low pressure steam.
Medium Pressure Steam

HT-450®, with an operating temperature of up to +400°F continuous, offers engineers and designers another cost effective option for low to medium pressure steam lines. HT-450 also maintains one of the lowest k-factors in the industry and is far more cost effective than other insulations such as cellular glass and other high temp insulations that have k-factors that are almost 3x higher than HT-450! Keep in mind, the lower the k-factor, the more efficient an insulation is and the less material you need to maintain the same efficiency.